BBQs 2u family is passionate about barbeques, and they want to share the abundant knowledge they have about barbeque and grilling with their customers. The small independent family business stocks and sells Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt BBQs and Ooni Pizza Ovens. They deal in every style, whether a charcoal BBQ or a gas-operated BBQ.

The BBQs 2u aims to provide the best Kamado Joe BBQs and accessories like Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket – Joe Junior. It is a stainless steel charcoal basket and has dividers for Kamado Joe Jr. The charcoal basket makes cleaning the firebox easier after cooking. At the same time, the charcoal basket allows users separate ashes from the leftover charcoal and gets the Kamado grill ready for the next cooking in seconds.

The charcoal basket uses a long-lasting, durable 304 stainless steel as the raw material for making it. The users merely need to lift it out and quickly clean the firebox without making a mess. It filters out the tiny particles of charcoal after the use and creates a better flow. The Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket fits perfectly with Kamado Joe and Joe Jr.

The Kamado Joe & Napoleon BBQs UK is one among the highest-selling BBQ. Kamado Joe is an extravagant construction. It also has a much better design that creates a more versatile grill. On the other hand, Napoleon has advanced grilling features, masterful creation, and engineered performance that makes it stand out. Napoleon is an expert in infrared and gas grilling and upgrades the game of BBQ grilling.

Napoleon provides a lifetime guarantee, which means in the unlikely event something goes wrong with it, the user has fantastic customer service, Napoleon, to back them up. Napolean makes sure that their customers receive the happiness of years in terms of Napolean BBQ. That is why they provide a minimum of 10years warranty on their BBQs.

It is not just about barbecuing. The makers believe Napolean is all about having fun and cooking delicious food outdoors. The makers aim to provide the best quality barbecue and bring out the delectable flavors. It also helps people and their families make happy memories for years to come.

Napolean brings happiness without any hassle. The barbequing experience of a user is genuinely consequential for Napolean and BBQs 2u. That is why they insist on the highest quality components and parts so that the customers constantly get the best results.

All the products on the BBQs 2u use premium grade components and materials and have the highest specifications. Every product has to pass through rigour testing to ensure durability and quality. The Kamado Joe & Napoleon BBQs are versatile. People can cook many things other than sausages and burgers on a sunny day.

They can bbq pizzas, roast dinners, bake cakes, desserts, and so many other things. People can enjoy many things all around the year with Kamado Joe & Napoleon BBQs.

The Instagram page of BBQs 2u is flowing with pictures and videos. The photos and videos are the posts of their satisfied customers to share their happiness with them and others.