If you are expecting guests and looking to impress them with the flavour popularized by the best steakhouse in Montreal, finding the perfect cut of steak can be quite tricky. Rib N Reef steakhouse understands that almost everyone enjoys a perfectly prepared steak and we always want quality meat. This guide will help you pick the best cut of beef to recreate a Montreal steakhouse experience for your dinner guests:

Invest in Good Marbling

Marbling refers to the fat found in a standard cut of beef. Although a lot of people may not like to seek out the fat in their dining choices, marbling is the most significant part of the equation in terms of steak. A good piece of steak has a tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef flavour. What people love about steaks has to do with the amount of fat they contain. Even the best cuts of steak need marbling to be flavorful and juicy.

Choose the Closest to the Rib

Steaks can be obtained from different parts of the body of a cow. But, the most impressive cuts are found close to the ribs. Regardless of where you buy a cut from this area of the body, you must expect to pay a top dollar for the quality. But, a tender steak that is cooked to perfection will always give you a priceless experience. If you want to have the best cut of steak, ask about ribeye, filet mignon, and prime rib (bone-in or bone-out).

Avoid Beef from Hips and Shoulders

If you want to make the most out of your steak, do not try to tenderise a steak as you might end up ruining it. As texture is important, you must examine a steak’s characteristics more deeply.

The muscles of a cow will become tighter as they work. The more use that the animal’s body has of the muscle where the steak is obtained, the cheaper and tougher the beef will be. If you want the best cut of steak, avoid beef from the hips and shoulders. Instead, concentrate on areas such as the backbone that produce some of the finer steaks on the menu at steakhouses in Montreal.

Opt for Beef from Grass-Fed Cows

What a cow eats can greatly affect the flavour of its meat. Grain-fed cows stem from feedlots and are fed to fatten up for the market. Often, they are injected with hormones and have an overall generic beef flavour when they hit the grill.

The best steakhouse in Montreal uses grass-fed cows who roam freely on a private ranch. Their cows provide them the best-raised steaks. If you want to buy a specific kind of meat, ask your butcher or grocer about the feeding method used on the source of the steak.