Hackers over the years have been using different methods through which they can gain access to the network. Backdoor, however, happens to be one of the easiest ways through which you can compromise on network security. Apart from providing access to the network, backdoors also help the hackers understand the means to enter and get back from the system. 

Backdoors, however, causes several complications because hackers need to understand the system administrator. The hackers may use different ways through which the system administrators may not get access to any blockage. The hackers have, however, designed the backdoors in such a way that the system administrators may not be able to identify it. 

Backdoor uses

The backdoor utilities in today’s generation have been so designed that the hackers can gain access to the network and keep coming back to the same exploit. The administrator may keep changing the password on detecting the hack, but then backdoors may eventually provide hackers the chance to repeat the access. 

One backdoor utility allows the hacker to get in and out of the network in a very short time. Thus, the hacker wouldn’t need to go through holes to gain access and exploit the system. Through this backdoor utility, the hacker will be able to prevent getting caught when a vulnerability is detected. 

Password Cracking

Password cracking has to be one of the most common ways through which the hacker will gain access to network security. The hacker may use the backdoor password to breach the network and attack the systems as well. The password cracker will eventually break into the system of the networks with weaker passwords. 

These are the accounts that are used very less or infrequently. The hackers can eventually get in the point and change the password. This, however, can give them access to personal information, which may not only lead to identity theft but financial loss as well. If the system administrator searches for these weaker accounts, they won’t be able to detect the password change. 


Bootblock is one of the most common areas where the presence of the virus won’t be affected. No system administrator software ever checks for the boot block. Therefore, it is hard to detect it. Hackers hide the backdoors in boot block, and thus, it is difficult to track them. 

Different types of backdoors are allowing hackers to gain access to the system. As a result, they are becoming vulnerable to threats.