Living close to nature, this is possible with a garden building or a winter garden. But what are the differences? And what is a cold winter garden? Our guide provides information.

Sitting comfortably on the terrace, with a view of the garden and nature: Who doesn’t want this? Practical if the terrace is equipped with a terrace roof that protects against unexpected rain showers and excessive sun rays.

Even better, especially in the transition period and the cooler evening hours: Simply upgrade the patio roof with little effort to a closed garden building made of glass, in which pleasant temperatures prevail into autumn. Consult with the garden buildings uk and find the best one.

The terrace roof with sliding glass walls becomes a garden building or cold winter garden

How does the terrace roof become a garden building? It’s very simple: With precisely fitting sliding glass walls that are attached to the open sides of the terrace roof, as well as side wedges that are mounted under the sloping roof.

So the terrace can be partially or completely closed in wind and cooler temperatures. Many plants also feel comfortable here and can spend the winter in the new garden building. But what is the difference between a garden building and a winter garden?

What is the difference between a garden building and a winter garden?

In short (and technically): A winter garden is like a separate room in the house. This does not apply to a garden building. Therefore, the construction effort for a winter garden is much higher. There are also more legal requirements for the construction of a winter garden than for the assembly of a garden building.

An important difference results from the thermal design: In contrast to a winter garden (also known as a conservatory), a garden building is usually not thermally insulated and not insulated. Usually no heating system is integrated.

Assembly of a garden building

For a winter garden, higher planning and assembly costs are to be expected due to the thermal problems. After all, this is about a room that can also be occupied and has to be heated regularly. For this reason, simple glazing like a terrace closed with sliding glass walls is not enough.

It is easy to assemble a garden building: if a terrace covering is already available, it is sufficient to close it with sliding glass walls. The sliding walls for the terrace roof can be assembled in one day and can also be carried out by laymen. The ESG glass used for the sliding elements is particularly safe. Designing and building a garden building for the garden is not that difficult.

What is a cold winter garden?

“Cold winter garden” is simply another name for a garden building. The term suggests, among other things, that only a single glazing is usually installed in a garden building. There is also no heating that permanently heats the garden building to comfortable temperatures.

Nevertheless, temperatures in a garden building or cold winter garden prevail, especially in autumn and spring, as well as in the evening, which enable a comfortable stay and provide a real winter garden feeling. In a cold winter garden, plants that are not sensitive to the cold can be kept well most of the year and even overwinter there.