People always look for easy downloading options. With a good internet connection, it becomes quite simple to spend time checking the news, music, and eBook and from various sources. However, without an internet connection, it becomes tough to deal with self. There comes the need of downloading certain things to keep you entertained with the downloaded file even without the Internet. At the time of traveling on a plane, train, and trip, it becomes tough to spend time without a reliable mobile internet access facility. South African torrent sites prove to be helpful when a person has a mobile plan with a limited data plan.

Downloading content enables a person to enjoy videos, audio, or any content without risking their limited data allocation. Coming to South African torrent sites, they are known for easy access to the digital content, which would otherwise be a challenging task to find on the Internet. Here you can get more facebook likes.

The best torrent files which are preferably used by the people to share their files in the year 2020 includes,

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay which is even known as the TPB is the leading torrent site. It is the oldest known and most commonly used torrent site, which operates in the primal domain. It comprises of a good collection of the file relating to the song, movies, audiobooks, games, software, etc. The entire interface is very simple and friendly to use. It has got a VIP trusted icon features which makes it a safe place both for the person uploading and downloader. It provides a fast file downloading facility.

2. LimeTorrents

It is another popular torrent site which provides the largest database on the Internet. It includes audio, video, application, and many more things. The best thing about LimeTorrents, which helps it to stand out, is that its content is updated regularly. This ensures the easy availability of the data. People find it quite easy to look at things as per their requirements. This site even possesses an internal list which states whether downloading is worth or not. Check on


YTS.AM is a preferred site for the people who love downloading videos. It helps to download files even at the smallest possible file size. It is known for its wonderful layout which makes the entire searching and browsing process quite simple and easy. It is also suitable for the user who has a limited bandwidth facility.

So, enjoy easy downloading from the torrent sites. Click here for more books.