Personal injury law is one of the most active genres of civil legal work in the United States. Lawsuits involving legal compensation for injuries and loss can happen to anyone, anywhere. Much like with any other issue, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you’re concerned about a potential lawsuit, the best thing that you can do is know what to do to prevent damage to your case. These quick tips below can help you avoid a lawsuit, avoid harming your case, and more.

  • If you potentially have a case on your hand, call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This goes for both plaintiffs and defendants. The sooner a lawyer can jump in to advise you, the more likely it is that your results will be in your favor.
  • No, really. Don’t go to court without a lawyer. Since the laws regarding personal injury are so complex, going to court without a lawyer is downright foolish. You need to have legal help that’s backed by knowledge and experience to win most personal injury cases.
  • Start gathering evidence as soon as the accident or injury happens. Both plaintiffs and defendants should do what they can to get as much evidence as possible. Getting witnesses’ contact information, written statements from police, and any visual evidence possible is a must.
  • Always get medical bills, records, and names of doctors involved with the case. You will need these things in order to prove that an injury happened as a result of the accident. If you’re a defendant, you will still need these items to ensure you know the full details of the case.
  • Don’t discuss the injury with anyone not related to the case. This is vital for both defendants and plaintiffs. What you say can potentially hurt you in court, even if it’s just casual remarks.
  • Do not admit any fault, regardless of your role in the suit. Both plaintiffs and defendants can ruin their cases by admitting fault or wrongdoing, Don’t admit anything, and don’t agree to anything you don’t feel is correct.
  • Keep future damages in mind, if you’re a plaintiff. If you were injured, current medical bills are the least of your worries. You also might be missing out on future income, all while having to deal with living expenses. These things matter when it comes to putting together a personal injury lawsuit, so don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer about it.
  • Do not try to talk to insurance agents or companies without your lawyer present. Insurance companies love to get people to admit fault, even when it’s clearly not their fault. That’s why they often try to get agents to talk to you rather than a lawyer. They will try to make you break. Your lawyer, ideally, should be the one communicating on your behalf.
  • If you get a settlement offer, don’t immediately agree to it. Most people who offer settlements do so with a lowball estimate. Have a lawyer look it over to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your potential suit.
  • Do not say “I’m sorry.” It seems like a polite statement, but in the court of law, it’s different. It’s an admission of guilt. Even if you want to apologize over the injury, don’t do it until after your case is through.
  • If you were injured, get medical treatment immediately. This is a massive part of ensuring that you have solid evidence as part of your case. Besides, the sooner you heal, the sooner you can get on with your life.
  • Present yourself respectably in court. Appearances matter, even if you are a plaintiff in a court case. In order for the court to take you seriously, you should make every effort to look the part of an honest, respectable person.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

Accidents and incidents can happen at any point in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid preventing them from occurring. The best way to avoid a personal injury suit, as a plaintiff or defendant, is to live life with a reasonable amount of caution.

Pay attention to traffic laws. Keep your workplace well-maintained and safe. Train your pets well. And, of course, do whatever you can to reduce the chances of accidents happening. It’s just that simple.